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Location: Dr. Schweinshaupt
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  • Steven Schweinshaupt M.D.
Contact Information:
Address:  6502 Gunn Highway
City:  Tampa
Zip Code:  33625
Phone:  (813) 969-2030
Fax:  (813) 969-2399
Office Information:
Office Hours: 
Main Office

Mon - Fri:

8:00am - 4:00pm
8:00am - 12:00pm
Selected as needed for acute visits

Weight Loss

Mon, Every other Thurs:

5:00pm - 7:00pm

To schedule an appointment online go to:
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Languages:  English, Spanish
» Physician Bio:
Steven Schweinshaupt M.D.
Dr. Schweinshaupt(pronounced swine-shop)completed his undergraduate work at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. He went to medical school at the University of South Florida here in Tampa and completed residency at Bayfront Medical Center-home of the Bayflite helicopter.

Dr. Schweinshaupt grew up in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. His family has lived in Tampa for 19 years. He has been married for 20 years and has 4 children. Three are adopted and 2 have special needs. They are very active in church and music lessons. Dr. Schweinshaupt accepted the Lord as his Savior at 10 years old. Christian values and philosophy influence his relationship with his patients.

Fishing and boating activities with his family are the preferred way to spend his free time.

» Age Range for This Practice:
Patients from 2 years and above are welcome

» Procedures & Services Provided:
Most of your medical needs can be taken care of at Schweinshaupt Walk-In & Family Care. The services include the following:

- Complete physicals and preventive care
- Office gynecology, annual well woman exams, and pap smears
- Family planning
- Colposcopy to evaluate abnormal pap smears
- Most common gyn problems
- Irregular menstruation
- Contraception (birth control pills, depo-provera, patch)
- Menopause, estrogen replacement, ERT, hormones
- Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
- Infections
- Skin problems including skin cancer treatment
- Urgent care including lacerations
- Orthopedic problems
- Weight loss
- Lab work drawn in office
- Addiction medicine including narcotics, alcohol, and nicotine
- Pediatrics including immunizations

» Office Policies:
After hours

After hour phone calls are for emergencies only. For patient care, safety, and liability, we cannot treat patients over the phone. For emergency after-hours assistance there may be fee. Call 969-2030.

Lab and x-ray results

It is important for patients to know their results; therefore, test results will be provided by post card or phone message. Any abnormal test should be followed up with a visit for optimum patient care.

Medication refills

At Walk-In & Family Care, the provider will give you enough medication refills until you are due for a follow-up visit. Telephone refills are done only as an exception. We do not respond to pharmacy refill requests. If a refill is needed the patient needs to request a refill by phone.

Non-covered services

Please be aware that certain conditions and visits are not covered by health insurance. These include, but are not limited to:

Obesity and weight loss assistance.
Drug and Alcohol Drug Treatment
Preventive health - physicals, stopping smoking, and some preventive lab tests (for example-PSA).
Laboratory draw fees.
Cosmetic procedures.
The patient is responsible for non-covered services even at times when is bundled with a covered office visit. There is no way for us to know all of the different insurance policies and covered benefits as they vary widely from one plan to another, so the patient should check on plan coverage if it concerns them.


Most of your healthcare needs can be taken care of at Schweinshaupt Walk In & Family Care. Whatever the problem start with your PCP, and if a referral is needed we then have the necessary information to process the referral.

Well woman care - yearly exams do not require a referral. If follow-up care is needed such as repeat pap, abnormal pap, or a female problem; this should be done at your PCP office and a referral will only be given if surgical services are necessary.

Due to the complicated nature of referrals and the increased responsibility on the physician, referrals can rarely be done without an appointment. Please allow 2-3 business days to process a referral. Some insurances that require a review of the request could even take longer.

Drug Prior Authorization (non formulary drugs)

In order for insurance companies to save money they have become increasingly restrictive in their drug coverage policy. Restrictive formularies have gotten out of control in the last year or so. It is unfortunate that the insurance companies have imposed these extra paperwork and time requests, but we are forced for now to adjust to their requests. Keep in mind:

1. As a general rule, we do NOT do prior authorization on prescription medications.

2. We may need to try other medications, even if not preferred by the patient or physician.

3. If prior auth is necessary, there will likely be an extra charge or office visit required for the extra time and paperwork imposed by the insurance company.

Thank You

Most organizations are more efficient with policies and procedures. At times these policies, may seem inconvenient but thank you for working together with us on your healthcare.

» Forms of Payment:
We accept Cash, Check ($45 and under), MasterCard, and Visa. Payment is due at the time of visit.

» We accept the following insurances:
We accept all major forms of insurance. Unfortunately we are not accepting Medicaid, Medicare, United Medicare, PHCS, or Humana Medicare at this time.

GMS Policies Please fill out before your visit.
Medical History System Review Please fill out before your visit.
New Patient History Form Please fill out before your visit.
New Patient Information Sheet Please fill out before your visit.
Notice of Privacy Practices Please fill out before your visit.
Patient Authorization to Obtain or Disclose PHI Use this form to request or release medical record
Physical Form, Additional Pg.1 - Medicare Patients Please fill out before your visit.
Physical Form, Additional Pg.2 - Medicare Patients Please fill out before your visit.
Preventative Care Visit Information Please fill out before your visit.
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